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808nm Diode Collimated Lasers

Dream Lasers designs and manufactures cost effective ultra-compact Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers. Our lasers feature with high reliability, high stability, and high efficiency,These lasers are specificly designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.

Dream Lasers The 808nm diode pump laser which work under high temperature is very important for many applications. During the range of high temperature, reliably operation of high output power laser is limited by high heat load and low COMD threshold. Test prove that the lasers that have high COMD power under high temperature is operated efficiently and high power. Through optimize design parts, for example, growing condition of laser crystals, adulterate distributing, quanta trap and the combination with other film material and so on, all win perfect result. Through reducing threshold current, reducing series-wound resistance and increasing pitch efficiency to realize 62% electricity-light conversion efficiency. The capability of large area diode laser reach water-cooled copper Microchannel radiator or conductive cooling CS kind radiatorí»s large power single stick. Test prove, in order to reach the largest power, when installing 6 stick and 18 stick nappe in these Microchannel condenser, didní»t find stickí»s capability reduced or the spectrum broadened clearly.

Dream Lasers The method of using electron beam vaporize ion assistant coating help 808nm high power semiconductor laser plating SiO2/TiO2 high reflected coating or Al2O3 minus reflected coating, result indicate after coating laserí»s outside differential coefficient quanta efficiency is improved clearly (from 0.7 to 1.24) and can adjust the density of threshold current within some range, the life of parts are improved quickly. After analyse and discuss the feasibility of using SiO2/TiO2 coating as 808nm semiconductor laser high reflected coating, we think ití»s a feasible method.

Order Information
Output Power
100-1000: 100~1000mW



2000-5000: 2000~5000mW
6000-12000: 6000~12000mW
15000-35000: 15000~35000mW
Laser Module Sort
F: Free Running
T: With Thermo Electric Cooling
L: Line Output
CL: Cross Line Output

Note: Other output power, beam diameter, and beam divregence are available upon request.

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