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Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology Co., Ltd. has been the professional manufacturers and original suppliers of DPSS Lasers, Precision optics components and Crystals with top quality, unbeatable prices, prompt delivery and the best technical support and services, for science users, commercial customers and industrial manufacturers all over the world.The professional engineers with state-of-the-art technologies in R&D department consistently improve our existing products and develop more new products and technologies. Base on our R&D project, we can supply new products and advanced technologies for OEM customers with complete support from sample to mass production.


Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology Co., Ltd., has 800-square mater air decontaminated lab with ten-thousand-level for laser manufacture and experiments, which can keep 23 degree C constant operation temperature for 365 days, 400-square mater office area offer a good work surrounding and condition for our personnel.

Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology Co., Ltd., has a very strict control on manufacture course. Our company has been certificated by ISO9001-2000. And all the personnel in our company have strictly executed it now.

Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology Co., Ltd., has a very excellent personnel group, more stable and all of them are with more than 3-year-experience in laser manufacture. There are many engineers in our company who have more than 12-year-experience on laser designs and laser manufactures, which can support and assure all manufacture s course are on the rails. Our engineers are continuously developing more new laser products to meet our customers need. With the improvement of our manufacture technologies, our products are become better and better. All the above factors assure Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology Co., Ltd can offer stable and high quality products to our customers


Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology Co., Ltd., Quality Control Department set a series of complete standards for products. Every product is strictly inspected with advanced equipments to meet the standard or customer's specifications before shipment, to keep the high reliability of products. We has equipped with the most advanced production machineries and inspection instruments, including, ZYGO GPI - XP interferometer, spectrum analyzer, Pekin-Elmer Lambda 900 Spectrophotometer, XHYET-10Hz beam scan, Laser power stability test system, LD life-span Test equipment, optics & crystal Test equipment and more than 25pcs different model power meter from different company, e.g., Newport 1830-C, Newport 1835бн


    Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology Co., Ltd. will be pleased to cooperate with our OEM customers and further establish strategic-associate relationship. Please keep in mind that Shanghai Dream Lasers Technology Co., Ltd. will be your best partner and supplier in DPSS Lasers, Precision Optics and Crystals in the future. We are ready to provide our best products and service for you from now.

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