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Dream Lasers designs and manufactures cost effective ultra-compact Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers. Our lasers feature with high reliability, high stability, high efficiency,and excellent laser beam quality. These lasers are specificly designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.

Dream Lasers Positive-tone diazonaphthoquinone/novolak resist on a 42-alloy (Fe:Ni=42:58wt%) substrate was irradiated by the second harmonic of Nd:KTP laser (532nm). The resist was removed (stripped) completely, despite the presence of hexamethyldisilane (HMDS) and the pre-bake condition of the resist. There was no apparent damage to the substrate by the laser. In contrast, this resist on a Si wafer could not be removed completely, and the substrate was occasionally damaged as well. The fourth harmonic of YVO4 laser (532nm) was used to irradiate the resist on the Si wafer, ablation was effective. There was no apparent damage to the substrate. This resist does not absorb the energy of the laser at 532nm because it is optically transparent (over 90%) above 500nm. However, its transmittance was very low (under 5%) below 300nm. The resist therefore absorbed the energy of the 532nm laser, and was removed (ablated). This development addresses environmental concerns because expensive and toxic chemicals are not used.

Dream Lasers This is the ultimate green laser pointer for meetings, briefings, lectures, astronomical viewing, inspections, or simple highlighting. Unlike red lasers, this extremely bright green laser is emitted at 532nm, a wavelength that is very easy for the human eye to detect. Projects a green dot on virtually any surface making it ideal for multimedia presentations and everyday use. Makes a great personal or corporate gift.

Dream Lasers High Quality Solid Brass Housing, Nickel-Silver Finish with Gold Pocket Clip, Pen-Like Styling, Fingertip Controlled On-Off Button, Works with 2 AAA Batteries (Included).

Note: Other output power, beam diameter, and beam divregence are available upon request.

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