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355nm UV Pulsed Lasers
Ave Output Power
Operating mode
Frequency conversion of Q-switched pulsed laser
Peak power
Single pulse energy
Pulse duration
Average power (mW)
Average power (mW) = Single pulse energy (uJ) * Rep. rate (kHz)

Rep. rate (kHz)

Specified One rep. rate, such as 1k, 2k, 3k, up to 4kHz, with stable laser pulses emitting (stable pulse energy, peak, duration and period).

Different rep. rate in the range of 1Hz-4kHz can be obtained by input an external TTL signal.

Undefined rep. rate among 5k-20kHz and unstable laser pulse emitting. Suitable for the applications only needing high peak power pulses.

Ave power stability after warm-up  
<1%,<3%,<5% (over 2/4/8 hours)
Transverse mode
Near TEM00
Warm-up time
<10 minutes
Beam parameters
Elliptical (4:1), Beam spot ~2mm
Dimensions of laser head
212 88 74mm
Beam height from base plate
Polarization ratio
Power supply (90~264VAC)
Operating Temperature
Dimensions of power supply
238 146 102mm
Expect life time
10000 hours
Warranty time
1 year
See the Glossary and Technology for information about the terms used  
In the front of the laser, we add an infrared filter. The residual IR part is less than 10-3. Please refer to the technology page for more information about the filter.  
Other Sytles and custom designs are available. Contact us to discuss your needs.  

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