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Fabrication and Inspection

With the experience on orientating and fabricating high quality nonlinear optical crystals, Dream Lasers assures to control the orientation of the crystal optical axis precisely maintained from first cut through final assembly.

X-ray diffraction measurement instruments are used in each process to ensure crystalline axis alignment to within 10 arc minutes for waveplates. Each waveplate delivered from Dream Lasers is under strict inspection by Zygo Inerferometer (wavefront distortion and parallelism) and special precision computerized inspection equipment (retardation inspector).

1. Dimension (aperture and thickness) and tolerance: instrument by NIKON digital micrometer, read resolution: 0.001mm
2. Flatness and wavefront distortion: instrument by Zygo GPI-XP interferometer.
3. Surface quality: inspected by human eyes, 10X magnifier
4. Axis orientation and tolerance: instrument by X-ray diffractometer, resolution: 5 seconds
5. Phase Retardation: waveplate inspector, tolerance: lambda/500.
6. Wavelength control: standard laser source: 632.8nm He-Ne Laser tube, wavelength compensation and calibration is achieved by analytic formula and software.

Capabilities and Technical Support

Dream Lasers has set up a computerized system to produce more than 20,000 pieces of multi-order and zero-order waveplates per month. 100,000 pieces standard waveplates are in stock for immediate delivery.

Please refer to the Glossary and Technology for more information about waveplates.
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