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Principle Multi / Low / Zero/ True ZeroOrder Specifications Achromatic Waveplate
Multi - Order Waveplate

The large thickness (about 1mm) results in a strong dependence on temperature, incident angle and wavelength bandwidth. But it is an economical selection. Therefore this kind of waveplate is applied to where the accurate retardation and temperature(about 10 C), wavelength (0.5nm) and incident angle (2.5) bandwidth are not essential. Its damage threshold is high (more than 500MW/cm2).

Low - Order Waveplate

Its properties are much better than the multi-order waveplate because of its thinner thickness (less than 0.5mm). Better temperature (38 C), wavelength (1.5nm) and incident angle (4.5) bandwidth and high damage threshold make it widely used in common application. Also, it is economical.

Zero Order Waveplate

Cemented & Optically Contracted

It is constructed of two multi-order waveplates with their axis crossed. Thus, it performs as a zero-order waveplate because of the effect of two plates counteracting each other. It has wide temperature bandwidth and wavelength bandwidth properties. Because it is cemented, the damage threshold must be considered (about 10MW/cm2) when used.


Its performance is as good as cemented zero-order waveplate. Additionally, the air-spaced construction enables it is suitable for the high power laser application. The damage threshold  is more than  500MW/cm2

True Zero Order Waveplate


The true zero-order waveplate means that the thickness of waveplate is very thin (less than 0.1mm) which make the true zero-order waveplate excellent in temperature, wavelength and incident angle (about 20 C) bandwidth. Therefore, it is excellent choice for the highly accurate application. It is cemented with a block of glass which is limited to low and medium power application  

Single Plate 

In order to enable the waveplate suitable for high damage threshold (more than 1GMW/cm2) application.Dream Lasers provides a single plate of true zero-order waveplate with mounts.

* The thickness of this waveplate means handling can be difficult, we can provide mounts upon request.

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