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Dream Lasers grows Nd:YLF crystals using the Czochralski technique. Our Nd:YLF production capabilities include: 

Rod sizes from 2mm to 16mm in diameter and from 1mm to 180mm in length 
Orientation of rod axis to crystal a-axis within 2 degrees
Polished and AR coated barrels
Nd dopant concentrations between 0.5 and 3.0%
Large rod dimensions and non-standard dopant concentrations are available upon request
Standard Specifications of Nd:YLF
Nd: Dopant Level 0.5 ~ 3.0%
Diameter Tolerance 0.01mm
Length Tolerance 0.5mm
Wavefront Distortion <l/8 at 633 nm
Surface quality 10/5 Scratch/Dig per MIL-O-13830B
Flatness l/10 at 633 nm
Clear Aperture > Central 90%
Parallelism < 10 arc sec.
Coating Reflectivity R < 0.1% @ 1047/1053nm

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