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Ytterbium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Yb: YAG)

Yb: YAG crystal is one of the most promising laser-active materials and more suitable for diode-pumping then the traditional Nd-doped systems. It can be pumped at 0.94μm laser output. Compared with the commonly used Nd: YAG crystal, Yb: YAG crystal has a much larger absorption bandwidth to reduces thermal management requirements for diode lasers, a longer upper-state lifetime, three to four times lower thermal loading per unit pump power. Yb: YAG crystal is expected to replace Nd: YAG crystal for high power diode-pumped lasers and other potential applications.

Dream Lasers has developed a suitable technique to produce the Yb: YAG crystal High quality Yb: YAG crystals are available with different specifications.

5at% doped Yb:YAG Crystal
10at% doped Yb:YAG Crystal
20at% doped Yb:YAG Crystal
30at% doped Yb:YAG Crystal
Main Advantages:

● Very low fractional heating, less than < 11%
● Very high slope efficiency
● Broad absorption bands, about 18nm @ 940nm
● No excited-state absorption or up-conversion
● Conveniently pumped by reliable InGaAs diodes at 940nm (or 970nm)
● High thermal conductivity and strength
Basic Properties
Chemical Formula Yb: Y3Al5O12
Crystal Structure Cubic
Lattice Constants 12.01Ǻ
Melting Point 1970
Density 4.56g/cm2
Mohs Hardness 8.5
Dopant 5~30% Yb
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 7.8×10-6/K,[111],0-250
Thermal Conductivity 14W.s/m/K @ 20
Loss Coefficient 0.003cm-1
Index of Refraction 1.82
dn/dT 9×10-6/
Lasing Wavelength 1030nm,1050nm
Fluorescence lifetime 1.2ms
Emission cross section 2.2×10-20cm2
Pump Wavelength 0.9~1.0μm
Absorption band about pump wavelength 18nm

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