Optical Specifications

Optical Materials

Achromatic Lenses

Spherical Lenses

Cylindrical Lenses


Penta Prisms

Corner Cube Retroreflector





Cleaning Optics

  • Single wavelength, high power HR for cavities and beam delivery optics.
  • Broadband HR for tunable lasers or multi-line lasers

It is well know that dielectric coating can reaches high reflection and generally used in single wavelength laser cavity where the lowest cavity loss at a center wavelength is essential. Single wavelength, high power HR coatings are suitable for intra and extra cavity use. They provide the ultimate high reflectance of Rs > 99.8% and Rp > 99% for a specific wavelength. They may be used as a rear cavity reflector or for extra cavity use in beam delivery or turning. Note that Lambda high quality visible laser cavity coatings are designed for low scattering. Broadband HR coatings provide an average reflectance of 99% over a broad range of wavelengths. These broadband mirrors may be used for white light or multi-spectral applications.

Narrow High Reflective Coating

@ 532nm - 45กใ

Broadband High Reflective Coating

@ 485nm ~ 695nm - 45กใ

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