Optical Specifications

Optical Materials

Achromatic Lenses

Spherical Lenses

Cylindrical Lenses


Penta Prisms

Corner Cube Retroreflector





Cleaning Optics

  • Low loss V-coatings
  • Dual wavelength coatings
  • Both types available for 0กใ and 45กใ
  • Suitable for high power applications

A single wavelength V-coating will provide reflectance less than 0.25% for 0กใ incidence or 0.5% for 45กใ incidence at the chosen wavelength. Dual wavelength coatings will approach the performance of V-coats for two selected wavelengths. They are useful for optics which must transmit a visible alignment laser as well as a near IR process beam or for transmission of fundamental and first harmonic wavelengths.

Dual wavelength AR coating allows two center wavelengths radiation pass through the substrate with high transmission. This coating is often used in frequency doubling systems or the other muti-laser output systems, as the Nd: YVO4 laser (1064nm) and its second harmonic generation (532nm) green laser.

Single wavelength V-coating 514.5nm @ 45กใ
Dual wavelength coating 1064 / 532nm @ 0กใ

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