Optical Specifications

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Penta Prisms

Corner Cube Retroreflector





Cleaning Optics

Optical specifications

Optics can be found virtually everywhere, from fiber optic couplings to machine vision imaging devices to cutting-edge biometric iris identification systems. Despite the many applications that depend on optics, most of our customers are not optical engineers. As a result, they require aid in specifying the correct optical components for the mechanical, electrical, and various other existing applications.

After a design is successfully completed, we can determine the characteristics of each optical surface in the system and tolerance them according to manufacturing capabilities. This is done with an emphasis on the value and uniformity of the shape, as well as on the cosmetics of each surface. The maximum allowable deviation of an optical surface from a perfect surface is described by Surface Accuracy. There are several terms associated with accuracy, as follows:

Surface Quality

Surface Flatness

Surface Accuracy


Prism Angle Accuracy




Glass Index and Abb¨¦ Number

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